Going back into my archives for tonight’s pic to refresh my own spirit. The devil isn’t original. No, he picks a familiar area of weakness and attacks in it and then moves to an other and repeats the cycle. I am retaining fluid right now so when I looked in the mirror today I just wanted to cry. On top of feeling completely miserable I look like I’m pregnant and all I’m carrying is water. I felt defeated. Another headache, I couldn’t focus to read for the name of God. Poppa I’m just a mess I cried as looked through old pictures for something to blog. I stopped on the one you see tonight. I read the words again. I am so much more than the swollen reflection I see staring back at me. I am a blessed daughter of the King. He sees me as so much more than I often see myself. The devil doesn’t want us to see who we are in Christ because of the impact we will have for God’s Kingdom. He wants us bound and discouraged so that we aren’t shining God’s light to others. Not to tonight devil, not tonight. There’s just more of me to shine right now and a greater testimony on the other side once this water comes off. It’s all in how you look at it, so when you look in the mirror look through it with God’s eyes and you will see a whole different person looking back at you. 💛 ~ Chelle, 💕#f8ithgal

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  1. Amen! He knows every weak spot! I gotta put my Full Armor on, first thing every morning! He cannot have me, for we are beloved daughters of Christ the King!

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