You Are Not Alone

Abandoned, rejected, left completely alone. I guess that’s probably one of my greatest fears. Some would say this stems from my daddy dying when I was three months old. Unfortunately it is a fear I’ve never really overcame and was only solidified in every adult relationship I’ve had. Most know my last relationship was extremely toxic and he played on this fear very well. The Lord is working on repairing this in me, thankfully He will never leave me and always hold me close. Those old wounds were once again opened this week and this old soft heart has really been in turmoil. I have cried out to Him and cried and cried. I don’t know how many of you face this particular struggle, but it can be overwhelming. There have been times this week that I thought this storm was going to overtake me.

Then right in the midst of it, God would show up and pull me under His wings. At times it would be a whisper asking why I weep, reminding me He was in control and to trust Him. Other times I would wake to encouraging post or songs from friends directly to me! He has blessed me with a prayer partner that understands, I mean really understands where I am. He flooded my timeline with post that spoke directly into my situation. He has put people in my circle to encourage and lift me so that I keep working on me and the destiny God has for me. Only my God can do these things. This wasn’t an easy week, the tears are still falling as I write this, but it was necessary for me to grow and maybe to encourage someone else going through it or something similar. You are NEVER alone, I want you to know this.

Do you feel like the storms are about to overtake you? Perhaps they are purging you in preparation for better days. Is snow falling at a steady pace? The frozen ground kills off the toxic things in your life in anticipation of the best that is yet to come. Do you feel like the snow is flying from every direction? The clouds may fill the sky, but the Son is still in heaven and your rainbow is promised in the end. Keep pressing, keep believing. We are in this together! 💛 ~ Chelle, #f8ithgal

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