Grow Where You Are Planted

I noticed flowers are starting to spring up here. I was so excited to see the tiny yellow ones just above ground, but hidden in the still turning grass (it’s mostly still brown and yellow). Just a couple of days later I started seeing the dandelions pop up. This made me smile, it’s already May and our flowers are just coming out. Late bloomers compared to most places, but here they bloom on their own schedule. I got to thinking about the dandelions I saw, they weren’t growing in the field but by the road. How odd I thought, then I noticed in the pictures the grass was also greener there. They had grown where their seeds had planted themselves and were thriving, more so than my tiny yellow flowers in the field.

The field has many more obstacles for the tiny flowers to overcome. They had to sprout up in a place with a lot of growth pulling for nutrients. It’s harder for the sun to reach these little guys too. Yet here they were, popping up. It’s a little harder for them to flourish because of where their seeds were planted, but in a few weeks I will start to see tiny yellow all throughout the field. It reminded me of us. Sometimes the things in life make it hard for us to grow, but when we lean into the Lord instead of the world we too overcome those obstacles and start to flourish. It may be delayed like my little yellow flowers, but when God is watering what He has planted we will grow.

Earlier in the week I read Psalm 133:3, “As the dew of Hermon, and as the dew that descended upon the mountains of Zion: for there the Lord commanded the blessing, even life for evermore.” I had it highlighted and written beside of it, “Powerful there, God commands His blessing.” That is pretty powerful indeed, the verse says God commanded the blessing. I had been meditating on that verse when I saw the dandelions. Lord, I want to be in the right place to receive the blessings you are commanding over my life. Grow where you are planted. Not only will you flourish, but you will plant seeds that will last long after you are gone. I will continue to water those seeds so that they can flourish in the hearts of those you touch.

We live in a world that is looking for a quick fix, but it takes time to grow. It takes time for heart wounds to heal, but God is faithful and He won’t leave you in the same condition He found you in. When I moved to this little town, God told me it would be my place of healing. A lot of turmoil ensued, but I’m finding now it was necessary for my growth. Now I’m in a place to receive the blessings the Lord is commanding over me. He holds tomorrow and wherever He moves me, but today I am growing where He has planted me. Where has the Lord planted you? Ask Him if you are where He wants you to be and if you are, grow there. Spend time with a Him in prayer and His Word, let Him water the grounds there and watch with anticipation for the blessings He has commanded over you. 💛 ~ Chelle, #f8ithgal

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