This Heart of Mine ;)

There is a battle between my heart and mind. There is a profound sadness when you want something so much more than someone wants it for themselves. When you see them not only for who they are, but as the the man or woman God created them to be. You except them as they are, but you recognize the God given potential that lies within them. Yes, just a profound sadness. Oh this heart Poppa. You know, that conversation I’ve written about time and time again, that conversation me and my Heavenly Father have had in great lengths. Yes, that conversation. It falls in love too easily. It wants to fix and help everyone she meets. It cries over the silliest of things, yet the smallest things causes it to soar. It too often gets broken over and over in the process of it all. Oh this heart Poppa.

I sat, tears streaming. My Poppa gave me a heart for everyone, not just my brothers and sisters in Christ. He reminded me this morning that my heart draws the lost, downtrodden, oppressed, lonely, depressed… I just want to wrap my arms around them and say it will be okay! He also reminded me because of this I need to draw closer to Him. This heart of mine causes me to depend on my Father as never before. That enemy has really been up in my head with condemning thoughts the last several days. Then I thought back on yesterday. Twice throughout the day my Father allowed me to get pictures of birds I had been wanting forever to get. Seemingly unimportant to others, but He didn’t just give me pictures. He showed me them spreading their wings. *** smiles **** I’m just now getting the lesson from those pictures. Thank you Poppa, thank you. I’m spreading my wings, my heart continues to reach out and love. Treading softly, but solid in Christ. 💛 ~ Chelle, #f8ithgal

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