Fear Not, the Battle is Not Yours

“And the Lord said unto Moses, Fear him not: for I have delivered him into thy hand, and all his people, and his land; and thou shalt do to him as thou didst unto Sihon king of the Amorites, which dwelt at Heshbon.” ~ Numbers 21:34 It had been such a long day. This heart of mine. I take things so personally because I care so much, maybe too much, about people. Because of this, I replay conversations and I take things too personally. I carry the world on MY shoulders. You were never meant to carry it on your shoulders daughter. It’s not YOURS to carry. I opened up my fear study and read today’s verse. It resonated with me on a profound level. Stop fearing daughter. I’ve already gone before you and cleared the way. Don’t believe what you see, trust what I’ve told you. “Fear him not: for I have delivered him into thy hand,” Whew, that is a promise right there. I sat back and pondered over verse 34 and the comfort in it. I could feel the days cares melting away. I continue to be amazed at how my Poppa gives me just the right Word at just the right time. Fear comes in all shapes and sizes. It invades our day in so many ways, but above all it seeks to destroy our peace. It ate at mine all day long. It’s not yours to carry daughter, let it go. How often are you carrying something that isn’t yours to carry too? What are fearing because of what you see instead of trusting what God has promised you? My Poppa sure put it into perspective for me today and I’m so thankful for His gentle chastising. This battle isn’t mine, it’s His. I needed that reminder. 💛 ~ Chelle, #f8ithgal

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