Keep Pressing

Fluffy girl down! I just completed my first treadmill workout in well over a year (mine had broke) and oh my goodness. My goal was 30 minutes/ 1 mile, I made it to 20 minutes and .86 miles. I was forced to stop when my body insisted on throwing up and an asthma attack kicking in, but not bad for my first time back at it! A goal is just that, a goal. I’ll get there and back to where I was. I’m still down 60 pounds from where I started, that came from hard work and self discipline. Now it’s time to focus and get over this hump I’ve been on, having a treadmill again is a huge step in that direction (thank you mom and Uncle Robert). Some things take time my friends, but don’t ever quit. Keep pressing and you will get where you want and where you are supposed to go. 💛 ~ Chelle, #f8ithgal

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