A Migraine Intense Day

The aura’s that precede the migraines are growing in intensity and duration. Today’s was certainly no exception. This precursor left me in haze that had me functioning from sheer instinct. There were things I needed to get done, so I pushed on. I’ve started to use the stop light as a scale to my function and for my pain, I had read an article on it. While I’m in the yellow zone, I proceed with caution. I spent much of the day dangerously close to red. Red is of course, stop. Laying in a dark room, no action. In the yellow zone today I fumbled around, dropping things. Focus, just focus I kept telling myself. I just couldn’t focus *** sighs ***. It’s so frustrating when the pain starts to consume so much of you that you can’t even think straight. But even before this place, the auras had my thoughts completely jumbled. I felt a tear trickle down my cheek as I realized the migraine was looming and this was only the beginning.

Lord help me. I’m not even sure where these “migraine” blogs are going to lead. Right now there are times I struggle to just get through the day. I’ve noticed my eyes tell the story of where I am with my migraine. Of course I can feel the migraine pulsating behind my eye, but I’ve found I can see a difference in my eyes in the pictures I take. While I’m not sure about a lot, I do know God is still in control and a testimony awaits on the other side of this storm! I’ll keep smiling through the tears and trusting God for the manifestation of my healing to take place in His time. Until then I’ll keep sharing my journey with you and I pray it encourages you to keep going! 💛 ~ Chelle, #f8ithgal

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