Self Care: Not a Luxury, a Necessity

Before my eyes ever opened I could feel the pulsating pain behind my eye, am I dreaming? Waves of nausea rolling through my stomach as I tried to roll over. Thump, thump, thump, my eyes still closed and my thoughts jumbled; if I just lay here maybe… it’s not going anywhere. When I went to bed last night this migraine was starting. I took a Goody’s migraine powder and thought I’d sleep it off. It gained strength over night like a hurricane moving through warm waters and it was a cat 5 seeking to take me down. Just about that time my sister-in-law dropped off my niece and she set the dogs off as she came through the door. Their barking echoed through my head almost bringing tears to my eyes. I managed to get myself up and get them out for a few minutes and back in for a dose of emergency migraine medicine and a frozen eye mask, back to bed with the covers over my head. Two hours later a second dose of emergency migraine medicine and another frozen eye mask. This storm wasn’t moving.

As I laid in bed the second time drifting in and out of consciousness, I thought about what triggered this monster. By now we have identified my migraine triggers and eliminated all but one, stress. My new neurologist is awesome at addressing this and the new medicine he put me has been working great. The migraines have decreased by about 75% and have been less intense over the last 3 weeks, until this one. I have spent almost the entire day in bed, literally. I spent a lot of time just praying and thinking and thinking and praying. I was thinking I had wasted this entire day when the Lord showed me I needed that rest. I needed that time with Him. It was me pushing myself so hard that had brought on this migraine. I do more than most because I expect more from myself and then I’m bothered when others don’t step up and put out the same effort. The reality of life is everyone doesn’t have that passion and sometimes I put too much in the wrong places. I need to step back and put a little bit of that passion into caring for myself and the the things the Lord has called me to do. I’m not saying to neglect things that need to be done, but stop pouring everything into a “trigger” that is leaving no room for the self care you need and deserve. If you don’t take care of YOU, you don’t have anything to pour out from to help others. You give and give until you are emotionally spent. Yes, the Lord can refill you, but you have to slow down long enough to allow Him. He didn’t give me my migraine, but He allowed the stillness it caused today for me to be still and hear His voice. I needed the self care day this migraine forced me into having. I’d have less migraines if I’d do more daily self care. #realtalk 💛 ~ #f8ithgal

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