Sweet Holy Spirit

Sweet Holy Spirit You are welcome here! I had stressful day of travel today. Two flights, lots of rain. I have been away since Sunday afternoon for training. It was a great and productive week, but I found myself weary as I traveled today. Looking back, there was more turbulence in my spirit than in the sky! I missed my dog April (who most know is my baby), I didn’t sleep well last night, and a headache loomed just bordering on a migraine all day. It wasn’t until my last flight landed that I realized just how exhausted I was. My eyes were heavy and I found myself near tears as my sister-in-law and nephew picked me up. I came in and loved on April and just wanted to sleep, but one of my “bite sized” goals for this month is two blog post a day. Poppa, I’m tired. Running on empty. Almost completely drained. “I will not leave you comfortless: I will come to you.” John 14:18 I sat and listening to “Holy Spirit” by Kari Jobe/ Cody Carnes. Thank You Jesus, He did not leave us comfortless. The Holy Spirit meets us right where we, are whatever the situation is! I was tired, grumpy, yet He came in and filled the atmosphere. His peace moved through and all I could do is praise the name of Jesus. When He says, “I will come to you.” He will. Call on Him. Oh, sweet Holy Spirit You are welcome here! 💛~ Chelle, #f8ithgal

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