Boundaries, I Need Them…

I have this really bad habit of taking on too much. It’s good that I want to help others, but it’s bad when I deplete myself completely to do it. One of the greatest things I love about my new position at work is what I am expected to do is clearly defined. It is an added bonus that I absolutely love what I am expected to do. I started setting clear boundaries up in my life and what I’ve found is the people who respect me are good with them. The ones who are upset by them are the ones who were depleting me, they weren’t giving anything back. I’m not talking about financially, I’m talking mentally and emotionally draining me dry.

I had a really hard time setting these boundaries because I’m a people pleaser. I just want to help everyone. It is almost like saying no hurts me on some level. I had a call today and when I hung up, I said (more of a conversation with my Father) she is just pure evil Poppa. Boundaries daughter. She’s upset because she can no longer cross those lines. I have to let her and her ways go. I’ll stick to the boundaries I’ve established. Those in my circle will understand. Those who don’t, well they are the reason I needed to establish those boundaries to begin with. 💛 ~ Chelle, #f8ithgal

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