Names of God: El Elyon

El Elyon is The Most High God. This name for God had an on time word for His daughter tonight. As I studied this name and read, all I could do was praise Him. El Elyon has the final say. I don’t know what or who you are facing, but El Elyon can cancel any report. He can turn around any clashing spirits that are causing people to rise against you. El Elyon is THE most high God. Take comfort in knowing Your Father has you, He is at the top, no ruler, no Dr, no person of any kind is above what He has appointed for your destiny. AND if He ALLOWS something to happen He has done so with you in mind and He has another path for you. You may not have seen it yet but it’s there. Don’t allow that thing or person to bring you down. The devil is a liar, rise above it. If you feel blocked in cry out to El Elyon and the Holy Spirit will guide you. I feel that deep in my spirit tonight! 💛 ~ Chelle, #f8ithgal

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