Nourishment for Your Soul and Mind: April 24, 2020

Will He do it? Yes He will! If you ask in faith believing AND it is within His will. He is not going to give you something that will hurt you. I am reflecting this morning on those prayers I prayed with tears streaming that I thought He didn’t answer only to find He did. He didn’t answer how my heart wanted at the time, He answered how my heart needed and then… and then He turned my mourning into dancing. Oh how I praise Him. He is so worthy, He takes care of his children like no one else can! 💛 ~ Chelle, #f8ithgal

“11) Thou hast turned for me my mourning into dancing: thou hast put off my sackcloth, and girded me with gladness; (12) To the end that [my] glory may sing praise to thee, and not be silent. O LORD my God, I will give thanks unto thee for ever.” ~ Psalms 30:11-12

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