God Is In Control

I will resume the Names of God (prayerfully) tomorrow evening. This afternoon things took a different turn and I wasn’t able or lead to put my focus on that study. But what God did remind me of so strongly, is that He is in control even when the circumstances don’t seem like it to those on the outside looking in. He sees things we don’t see, He sees further into time than we see, and He sees in realms we don’t see. We see a tiny piece of the picture, while He sees it all. And the devil.. oh that devil. Hear me when I say he is out for utter and total destruction. It is our God that thwarts those attacks. It is our God that takes what he means for destruction and turns it around to work for the good of His children and for His glory. The devil attacked today and God stood in the gap and protected someone so very dear to me. He came after the Lord’s anointed and my Father took notice. The waters will not overtake this family and fire will not consume us. The journey will only make us stronger in Christ. Prayers for my family. 💛 ~ Chelle, #f8ithgal

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