Names of God: El Nathan Neqamah

El Nathan Neqamah is The God Who Avenges Me. It is so easy to act in the flesh when your feelings are hurt or someone tells lies against you or those you love, but acting from a place of hurt or anger can cause a lot of more problems. Some people are just drama people, others just naturally clash with your spirit. Light and darkness will never mix, I learned that in my last two relationships. As I read about this name, I couldn’t help but recall name of God from last night Jehovah El Gemuwal is Lord God of Recompense. I felt the Lord telling me in my spirit to let some things and some people go. Spirits are clashing, but I am working it out in due season. Stop fretting, stop losing sleep over it, My hands are on it. Perhaps you too are struggling with letting something go. Give it to God. He’s taking care of you and your situation too. 💛 ~ Chelle, #f8ithgal

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