Names of God: Elohe Tishuathi

Elohe Tishuathi is God of My Salvation. “What can wash away my sins, nothing but the blood of Jesus. What can make me whole again, nothing but the blood of Jesus…” That song has been ringing through my spirit all day. This evenings name for God seemed to go hand and hand with what was in my spirit. I thought of so much and so many as I was typing this out. So many of us are incomplete in some way, missing something. Jesus is what can make you whole again. Today was a very special day for some people that I was supposed to be a part of and as I saw it this morning on FB I heard God say that wasn’t your destiny. It hurts Poppa, it hurts. That song started to come up from within me as I hummed it and then sang the words. What can make me whole again…Sometimes the Lord wants more for us than we want for ourselves. We settle for less than what He’d have us settle for when our destiny in Him is to go higher. Tonight I am thankful for Elohe Tishuathi, the God of my Salvation. I’m thankful for the blood of Jesus that not only washes away sins, He makes us whole, and restores what the enemy has stolen. Higher in Him, I’m ready for all He has for this daughter. Are you ready for what He has for you? 💛 ~ Chelle, #f8ithgal

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