Names of God: Jehovah Immeka

Jehovah Immeka is The Lord Is With You. This is another one of my favorite names. I don’t know what Monday’s are like for you, but they are pretty busy for me. Aside from being busy, I was going into the week wore out. I found myself trying to social distance myself from my emotions and it wasn’t working very well. What I was able to do was talk to my Father. I was able to draw my strength from Him. I was able to say I’m going to put this thing I can’t fix right here at Your feet. I’m going to trust You to work out the details on those things I can’t see. I’m just going to trust you and rest in Your presence. On those days you feel drained (especially when it’s a Monday that feels like it should at least be a Wednesday) it’s comforting to know Jehovah Immeka, our Lord is with us. Anyone else have days like this? 💛 ~ Chelle,#f8ithgal

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