Names of God: Jehovah Metsudhathi

Jehovah Metsudhathi is The Lord My High Tower. Have you ever had a day where nothing goes right, I mean from the time you get up it’s just one thing after another going wrong? Today was that day for me. I stopped at one point and cried, “Poppa, I just can’t handle one more thing going wrong today!” Later I mumbled something passing by my mom and she prayed over me. Then this evening I read about Jehovah Metsudhathi and my heart just smiled. Praying Through The Names of God by Tony Evans says, “Jehovah Metsudhathi, I often feel squeezed by life’s demands and pressures, and I forget to put my trust in you. God, I’m sorry for being so shortsighted and letting my trials and fears overwhelm my thoughts to such a degree that I neglect to run to you, my high tower, with every need I have.” That was me today! I let my circumstance overwhelm me instead of taking refuge in Jehovah Metsudhathi my high tower! I called out to Him when I was overwhelmed but I didn’t really seek refuge in Him. I could have avoided the tension, the headache, the stress… all I had to do was give it to Him AND take refuge in Him. What can you give to Jehovah Metsudhathi this evening? God is your high tower. He is your refuge my friend, rest there tonight. 💛 ~ Chelle, #f8ithgal

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