Names of God: Jehovah Elohim

Jehovah Elohim is Lord God. I am in awe of my God. It’s been a rough few months but one thing I can tell you through it all is God is faithful. I sat down to study the names of God this evening and Jehovah Elohim just really spoke to my heart. He is our Lord God, he created the heaven and earth. That same God knew me I was ever born. He knew every single poor decision I’d ever make and yet still He loved me enough to send His son to die for my sins. He loved me enough to call me daughter. He loved me enough to have a special calling on my life. Nothing I did changed any of that. In fact, it added to my testimony for where He was taking me. Yes it’s been a difficult few months, but Jehovah Elohim has held my hand and many times lifted my head through it. Lord God above I thank you and all that He has done for me He can do for you too. All you have to do is humble yourself and call on His name. He’s waiting… 💛 ~ Chelle, #f8ithgal

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