Names of God: Elohim Tsebaoth

Elohim Tsebaoth is God of Host. This has been a difficult year for so many, my family included. The last several months have been especially hard. With each blow, I keep saying how much more Lord? I heard Him this weekend saying I’m drawing You closer to Me to prepare you for things to come. I started to reflect on the things that have happen and how God has carried my family through, how He has carried me through.

I remember a time when the devil had almost convinced me life wasn’t worth going on, my ex even chimed in agreeing with him. But God. Elohim Tsebaoth had gone before me with an army of angels surrounding me, ministering to me, and speaking life over me. The devil didn’t win and neither did my ex, I got out of that highly toxic emotionally abusive relationship. I was reading “Praying Through The Names of God” by Tony Evans and he says, “Because of you and what you have already accomplished for me at Calvary, I don’t fight for victory—I fight from victory.” How awesome is that? The victory is already ours because Elohim Tsebaoth the God of Host goes before us and secures it on our behalf. That just makes my spirit soar with the highest praise! 💛 ~ Chelle, #f8ithgal

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