Names of God: Peleh Yo’etz

Peleh Yo’etz is Wonderful Counselor. Jesus fulfilled this verse in Isaiah and became our Wonderful Counselor, Peleh Yo’etz. I read about this name in awe. Our Father always knows just what we need. My prayers lately have been very specific and in part asking for the Holy Spirit’s guidance and here I am reading about our Wonderful Counselor. Peleh Yo’etz is a guiding light in a dark world. He is peace in chaos. All you have to do is seek His counsel and He is so happy to give it. His guidance is not like that of the world and the results aren’t as they would expect, but oh the peace and joy you will find when you listen to His voice. We are blessed with a Counselor on call 24/7 and He will provide just what your heart needs. 💛 ~ Chelle, #f8ithgal

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