Names of God: Esh Oklah

Esh Oklah is Consuming Fire. I stand in awe as I think on power behind this name and the patience our Father has with us. He could consume us so easily when His anger is kindled yet the blood of Jesus gives us grace in His sight. Too often we allow our busy lives to pull us away from Him and He still patiently awaits, using the Holy Spirit to nudge us. He could so easily consume us with fire. He is jealous and consuming because He loves us so much and too many times we don’t give Him the time and honor He deserves, yet He loves us still. As I study Esh Oklah, I am reminded more than ever of God’s love for us and the patience, mercy, and grace He undeservingly pours out over us every day. 💛 ~ Chelle, #f8ithgal

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