Names of God: ‘Ab

‘Ab is Father. How precious is this name to me. I had tears running down my face as I read about this name and prayed this evening. My Father is drawing me closer to Him. I’m finding the deeper my relationship, the firmer my feet are planted on the path He has for me, the smaller my circle becomes. I’ve got too much Jesus for some circles, I’ve become too radical in my beliefs, or I’ve “just changed too much” for some people. Poppa, I have changed, as tears trickled down my cheeks. Why would anyone want to be stagnant their growth? Why would anyone not want the gifts You offer? Their ears are stopped and their vision clouded. They aren’t hungry for the things of the Spirit, this is why your circle is smaller. You’ve been called and you listen to My voice.

This makes me sad for those who don’t realize ‘Ab is our Father and He wants that real and personal relationship with each one of us. He wants us to be radical for Him, about Him. His Word has so many hidden treasures that He wants to reveal, gifts He wants to bestow, but we live in a world where ears are stopped and vision is clouded. That makes my heart sad because He wants so much more for us than we even want for ourselves. If your reading this, I’m praying for you and I’m praying you become just as passionate and radical for Christ as I am. I want you to experience that love of ‘Ab as full as I do. I am so thankful I can rest His presence during those times when the world thinks I’m too much and be reminded I’m His and I’m just who He’s called me to be. 💛 ~ Chelle, #f8ithgal

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