Surrounded By Favor

I have embarked on a 60 day journey with Ryan LeStrange’s book, “60 Days of Unusual Prepare Your Heart For Uncommon Breakthrough.” Yesterday was Day 38, “Unusual Favor” with Psalm 5:12 as the scripture verse for the chapter. I have read this verse so many times and never realized the magnitude of it until Apostle Ryan said, “Psalm 5:12 says favor surrounds us like a shield.” I reread the verse. Wow! That is some massive favor that surrounds us brothers and sisters. Why are you cast down, Oh my soul? (Psalm 43:5) quickly came to mind as I was typing this. God’s favor rest over you. You have unusual favor surrounding you, but you have to walk in it. Take off your garment of heaviness and put on your garment of praise. The favor of God is raining down on you. It is surrounding you. Speak His favor over your situation and stand on the promises of His Word. 💛 ~ Chelle, #f8ithgal

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