All About Prospective

I was looking through the Scriptures and praying on what to write about tonight. I felt mentally and physically drained. I am so thankful it is Friday because more than once this week I found myself praying and asking for forgiveness and clarity on where God is taking me. I’m pretty sure it involves people and looking through my FB timeline, watching the news, and dealing with people in other areas I had decided I didn’t much like people. As I prayed and read, God began to speak to my heart. Maybe it’s not the people. Perhaps it’s their misguided actions and misplaced anger that I didn’t like. They need more Jesus, they need that light He is shining through me. The devil is the master puppeteer, pulling strings everywhere. God’s children need to spread His truth and start cutting those strings. Yes daughter, I have called you to love people as I have loved you. Spread my Word and then if they don’t receive it, shake the dust from your feet and keep going. I just needed to withdraw and seek refuge in Him for awhile so that He could bring all of that back into focus. That one on one time with our Father is essential my friends! It clears your head and puts things back into prospective. 💛 ~ Chelle, #f8ithgal

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