Names of God: Jehovah Ezrah

Jehovah Ezrah is My Helper. I am so thankful that God is my helper. I look back at certain times in my life where I can clearly see His hand over me. Just this morning I said, “Poppa, I need for You to take the wheel here, my day hasn’t even started and it’s trying to go in the wrong direction.” Calm rushed in and I had the peace of God resting over me and His presence filled the atmosphere. There was a peace coming from deep within me that nothing could touch. I called for the Lord to help me early and He took control of the atmosphere! The devil tried more than once to move me as the day progressed, but God remained my help each time he tried. I am thankful that we can call on Jehovah Ezrah not just for the big things in life, but for every single thing! He never says you again? Instead, He lovingly meets us at the point of our need. How awesome is that?! 💛 ~ Chelle, #f8ithgal

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