Names of God: El Racham

El Racham is The Compassionate God. I’ve had a really long week. This evening I found myself listening to praise music and crying until I fell asleep. There are somethings, some feelings too overwhelming for words, but the Holy Spirit knows. I woke still feeling completely emotionally drained but felt the Holy Spirit’s nudging to get up and press on with this study. I began to read about El Racham, The Compassionate God that we serve.

He not only catches those tears that we cry, He feels the pain, and understands the heartache of each one. In 100 Names of God Christopher D. Hudson writes, “He’s a God of care and kindness. He remembers. He’s empathetic and tender. He hurts when those He loves are hurting. But divine compassion doesn’t just stop with concern. God doesn’t just feel badly for those in trouble. He’s protective. He swings into action to defend His own.” Jesus took the form of man and suffered greatly on the cross for us. There is nothing that we go through that He doesn’t understand and He sent the Holy Spirit to comfort us. He also washes away our sins and becomes our defender. So much compassion! I am thankful for El Racham and can feel His peace washing over me tonight. 💛 ~ Chelle, #f8ithfgal

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