Rise Up and Let His Light Shine

I was reading about recent events in the news and my spirit just grieved and I began to think about God. Can you imagine how grieved His heart is? We live in a time where sin is painted as a personal choice and Biblical morals are simply a book of fables that collect dust on shelves across America. We live in a society that places sin in a pretty little box with a bow around it and no one wants to talk about the secrets that lurk within it. I look around and see changes that aren’t moving people into the light of God, but pulling them into the devil’s shadow of darkness and, again, my spirit just grieved. Blinded daughter, they are blinded. They need the light of Jesus that shines through His children. We are to be that light and spread that light to everyone we meet. The Lord told me I’d be hated by many and to love them anyways. He also told me to keep on going. We don’t have time to focus on those who are determined not to believe, those with stopped ears, when so many are trembling in the darkness that need pulled up into the light. It’s time for God’s children to rise up and be His light. 💛 ~ Chelle, #f8ithgal

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