Names of God: Basilei ton Aionon

Basilei ton Aionon is King Eternal. In a world of people that come and go, we have a forever God. He is eternal. He’s not going no where. No matter what we do, how we mess up, or where we run… He is our eternal God with this supply of grace and mercy that covers a multitude of sins. When you are chosen, He will chase you down. Once He truly grabs hold of your heart, He’s got you and He won’t let you go. That’s the God we serve. Reflecting on Basilei ton Aionon just made my heart sing. He is our King Eternal, He has us for all the days of our lives and then we will wake and be in His presence for eternity. That’s worth a praise shout. 💛 ~ Chelle, #f8ithgal

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