A Light in the Dark

I walked the dogs this afternoon and noticed a thick line of clouds. Right in the middle was a small slit with a ray of light beaming through. I am a light in the darkness I heard in my spirit. I stood amazed at the light pouring through that little slit and thought on the words from my Father. I came in and chewed on that for the rest of the evening. We live in such a dark world. When I was lost I stumbled around in complete darkness, but when I excepted Jesus His light flooded my soul. It now illuminates my path. That same light now shines out from us as children of God. It serves as a beacon of hope that draws people out of the darkness. It sets us apart from those around us as the “sonrays” of our testimony cause a shine that cause others to want to know about that Jesus so that they too can be lifted from the darkness and set onto the path of His light. Don’t discount where you are or where you’ve been, God is using that very part of you where His light shines through to reach others. I just wanted to encourage someone to keep pressing and keep shining for Jesus tonight. You may be tired and I know you feel weary, but God is still the light leading you and He has not forgotten you. God is using You, yes, You. You think you burning in the flames, but you are shining bright from the refinement process. Your testimony is the light that is drawing others to Christ. 💛 ~ Chelle, #f8ithgal

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