You’re Not Alone

“I will not leave you comfort less: I will come to you.” ~ John 14:18 That’s a promise from our Father y’all! The devil likes for us to think we are all alone, that no one cares. Recently I had a couple of people just completely shut me out. I struggled with why, what did I do Poppa? My heart hurt because I thought they were people I could depend on, but in reality they just weren’t meant to be in my circle. God was separating the wheat from the tares. I couldn’t see the difference, but he could. I wouldn’t remove them, so He did. He needed Kingdom minded people in my circle, not just Kingdom minded, but people who would support the calling He has on my life. Not everyone can go where I’m taking you daughter, but I won’t leave you alone. Do you feel alone? Look up and look inward. God has not left you. Perhaps He is cleaning out your circle for a reason. Don’t fight it. Look to him and trust Him through it. 💛 ~ Chelle, #f8ithgal

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