Your Heavenly Father Knows

When Matthew 6:8 says, “…ye Father knoweth what things ye have need of, before ye ask him.”… He meant that and He meant it down to the littlest of detail. I have a calcium deposit in my rotator cuff causing calcific tendonitis and extreme pain. I have had very limited range of motion. Now let me rewind to a few years ago. There was a sale on bras, yes bras. I bought one and thought this is horrible, what a complete waste of my money. The straps were very soft, stretchy, and I didn’t think it gave enough support. Back to now. It hurts to wear a bra. This morning while I was getting ready I came across it, shoved all the way to the back while I was looking for something else. I decided to try it and oh my goodness, no pain! You may think I am crazy, but God knew I was going to need that bra. I had tried loosening my others, I had tried sports bras, all brought me to tears.

This morning, God spoke to me through a bra. How funny is that?! Friends He cares about every single detail of our life. So for the naysayers who say what about healing? What if he had something to show me and others through this? He didn’t cause my calcium deposit, but He knew it was going to happen and He had a blessing and testimony from it. I’m standing on that! He knew my need not only before I ask, but before it ever was and He had made provision for it. That is the kind of awesome God we serve! 💛 ~ Chelle, #f8ithgal

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