He Will Never Leave You- Rewind

I’m zapped tonight. I started walking again this evening, I’m doing an app through work where I commit to steps by joining different challenges. I need the accountability! The first challenge is 6,000 steps a day. My brother chimes, that’s easy. I had to walk most of mine after work and I struggled y’all! It’s going to take time to build back up to where I used to be. I’m also in physical therapy for my shoulder and have to do home exercises, medicine changes for migraines still causing migraines in the transition. So yeah, I’m tired tonight. Too tired to write but, I found myself thinking and talking to my Father…

Poppa, what are we going to write about tonight? Very clearly he said I will never leave you. I was thinking it had not been that long ago that I had posted on this very subject with these very verses yet here He was placing this right on my heart again. I started to think of all the people on my timeline and the things they are going through. Someone just might need that reminder tonight that they aren’t alone. God will never leave or forsake you nor will He fail you. Perhaps I needed that reminder myself. I love the way God looks out for His children. I pray these verses bless and encourage your heart as much as they did mine. 💛 ~ Chelle, #f8ithgal

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