All Things Work Together…

I’ve been really sick for the last couple of days with a virus. I barely made it through work on Monday and had to call off the last two. I’m still not keeping food on my stomach. Anyone who knows man knows calling off work is a big thing for me. I was laying in bed thinking of all the negatives this virus was causing when it suddenly occurred to me to check my weight. I had lost 5 pounds since Sunday evening when I weighed myself. I had to to chuckle. God works everything out in our favor, even this virus! It hit me just one day after the Lord had dropped a heavy word into my spirit and I don’t believe that was by accident. I had enrolled in two intense courses as well and the devil was mad. Look at God still working it out in my favor. This evening sick as could be I still listened to today’s session, read my next chapter, and pedaled my steps. Devil is a liar. All things work together for my good because I am a daughter of THE King. ~ Chelle, #f8ithgal

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