Sweet Holy Spirit

I am so amazed by the presence of the Holy Spirit and the way He speaks and draws me to Him. I used to see doves all the time when I lived up on the mountain. I had what I called my dove tree, just full of them. It seems a while since I’d seen one, until this week. Earlier this week as I prayed one landed outside my window and then another. I could feel the Holy Spirit confirming my prayers. Fast forward to today. I opened the door and Jackie said your brown dove is out here, I looked down and she began speaking to me. I watched in amazement as she cooed, looking directly at me. Later this evening I took the trash out and stopped to watch the sun, beaming so bright. As I headed in, the dove flew directly in front of me within inches of my face and landed on the handrail. She was so close I could touch her. I was both speechless and breathless. She then lifted and flew to the power line and then the tip of the neighbor’s roof. I stood in complete awe. What had just happen. This dove had literally just fluttered face to face with me. She landed so close I could have touched her! I went in and came back out and sat down on the sidewalk and waited in anticipation of her return. She came back and landed on the ground. I prayed in my prayer language as I watched her and she gracefully strutted as I took pictures. My encounter left me in awe. You have my attention Poppa, I’m listening! Oh sweet Holy Spirit you are welcome in this place. 💛 ~ Chelle, #f8ithgal

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