Sharing 30 Days of a Thankful Heart: Day 17

Day 17, I am thankful my Father supplies my every need. I went out this morning to steal a little #protectingmypeace time before work and the Lord drew my attention to a bird’s nest in a tree that had already lost all of its leaves. I was amazed it was standing out so clearly among the bare branches. I felt the Lord telling me, He cares for the small birds and me too. I could feel His presence as I watched the tree in amazement. We’ve had really strong winds and that nest was not moved, how much more do I care for you daughter. I began to ponder on Matthew 6:26. He loves us enough to even number the hairs on our head y’all! There is not a need that we have, that our Father can not provide for. Do you have the faith to trust him to see it through? Mine is growing every single day and I’m thankful for a Father who is big enough to supply my every need! 💛 ~ Chelle, #f8ithgal

“Behold the fowls of the air: for they sow not, neither do they reap, nor gather into barns; yet your heavenly Father feedeth them. Are ye not much better than they?” ~ Matthew 6:26

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