Rambles from the Heart

She waters her pillow every night with her tears
As she pours out her heart into God’s ears
She spends her days working hard just to make ends meet
And almost every spare moment at her Saviors feet
In classes moving towards her destiny in His Kingdom
Surviving on prayer so that she doesn’t come undone
Up against those who say she “feels” too much
They can’t comprehend it’s the way God made her heart to touch
God has given her His very heart
With eyes to see and feel from the depths in a most sensitive part
That words can’t explain
But it’s not too much, it creates an emotion of tears like rain
Time and time again in life she’s told it’s all in her head
But it’s not, the Lord directs her and she now knows His voice and it’s about what He’s said
Help me Poppa to be strong
Even when they are calling me wrong
To hold them up in prayer
When my heart is breaking and it doesn’t seem fair
To love without fault
And never let it halt
~ Chelle, #f8ithgal

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