My Poppa Supplies My Every Need

What an awesome and loving Father we serve! I have been REALLY struggling with depression the last couple of weeks. So much so that a couple of the ones closet to me started to notice. Last Sunday at church the Preacher had a word for me, God wants to heal my heart. Only me and God knew the things my mind was struggling with the last couple of weeks so this was enormous for me. This morning I found a new work time off policy was forcing me to schedule my move. I was overcome with fear. As I was requesting prayer from my precious sister, I heard The Lord tell me it was Him that was forcing me to set the date because I wouldn’t do it any other way. I said, if this is Your voice give my sister the same word, show me Poppa. He not only gave it to her, but my other sister! She also had a word from The Lord that confirmed I’m on the right path, again just enormous for this lady!

God knows where you are and where you’ve been. You know what else? He knows where you are going. He knew what was in my head and my heart and after I had stepped out on faith and scheduled the move, He confirmed and reaffirm that I’m doing as He wants. He knows His daughter very well and has continued to reaffirm it the entire day. My Uncle is set to close on the place I’m moving into at the same time I’m coming home. We have a holiday around the same time I’m moving, giving me three extra days (because it falls on a Monday). The place I’m moving into is right on top of a mountain and is completely furnished all the way down to dishes and a coffee pot! My Poppa has planned every detail for this move. I’m not sure how He is going to provide the money, but I KNOW He will. I can’t wait to see how He does it!

Friends, our God truly cares about every need we have. Emotional, spiritual, physical, financial… He doesn’t leave anything out. He knew I was struggling and He met me at the point of my need. He gave me an awesome word, comforted, and reassured me. His love knows no limits. If you are struggling or have a need, take it to you Poppa, I promise He will not leave you alone. Silly devil, he thought he was breaking me but he was simply making my testimony stronger! God can use whatever you are facing to do the same thing for you! 💛~ Chelle, #f8ithgal

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