My Journey Continues

A new leg on my journey, 1,421 miles from Cripple Creek, Colorado to my new home in Mount Olive, WV. At this stage in my life, it is a move I could never have imagined making alone. Amazingly, after what I have been through in the last year, I had grown into a comfortable place and had to fight the fears of moving. In fact, I had put off scheduling my move until some recent changes forced me to set a date so that I could request the vacation time off. What am I going to do Poppa? I don’t have money for an almost 22 hour move. Where am I going to live when I get there? I’m doing this all alone. Ahhh, but my Heavenly Father! He said, you are going to set a date and trust Me. So, I did just that.

When it came time for a place to live, he opened the door to a beautiful home on Mt. Olive. How am I going to get there Poppa? What about the things I’d like to take with me, like my fireplace. He said, leave them. I am doing a new thing and you have emotions attached to those things. I called my mom and Uncle to tell them what The Lord had said and found the place I was moving in to was completely furnished. A dear friend from home offered to ride out and pick us up. Poppa, I can’t even afford the U-Haul home. A friend stepped up with his truck to come and get me and April. So, the end of August I fit everything I owned into a Chevy Silverado and came home to WV.

When I got here, I found God had blessed me with a huge yard, with beautiful trees. He provided a furnished home where the furniture seemed to be handpicked just for me. I had used my internet money (that I needed for work) just to get here and had no food, still a week from payday. My Uncle and mom stepped up and helped me get it on and provided the food and personal supplies I needed for the week. God has met each and every single need I’ve had on this new leg of my journey. Still, I am human and fear started to kick in when I got my check and started paying things. The Lord spoke clearly to me and said Be still and know I am God!

I got reverse altitude sickness when I went to moms and required a trip to the ER for IV fluids and nausea meds. I was so sick I could barely stand, but my brother got up after working a midnight shift and took me to the ER. I can’t even express how much and to what degree God has carried me through the entire last year. I didn’t know anyone a year ago when I was abandoned in Colorado and He gave me a whole church family that watched over me. Now He has transplanted me onto another mountain and positioned me to walk into my destiny. This one is Mount Olive. The symbolic significance of that name doesn’t escape me. Jesus often went to the Mount of Olives to pray. He has placed me here to draw me close to Him; He has placed me here for a time such as this. I can’t wait to see His awesome outpouring over me through this leg of my journey and I can’t wait to share it with you. 💛 ~ Chelle, #f8ithgal

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