A Lesson in Patience

Oh how I lack in the area of patience and my Father knows this! Like a precious stone in a making, He often allows me to experience extreme pressure, heat, and cutting to bring out and polish the virtue of patience within. Today I was so excited to pick up a package a dear friend had sent me, but my mom’s car door was frozen shut on the driver side. She had started it from the passengers side and we waited. I had went out a couple of times and the door was still frozen shut. Somehow on one of these trips (by being inpatient) I managed to lock the doors, with the car running. We could find no local locksmiths. I called local wreckers, one was busy and another was an hour away at the time (but very kind and helpful). At this point, I am in tears. My mom prays, “Lord, you can open open that door with one switch…” She goes out and comes back in and said, “The door is open.” My Uncle pulls up at the same time and had just prayed the same prayer. I just burst into tears. My Father had given me a lesson in patience, but in His merciful awe inspiring love He had also given me grace and unlocked the door. I am both thankful and amazed. God is so good to us. I don’t know what you are trusting Him for, but I am here to tell you He unlocked a locked, running car for me today. Just trust Him. He’s got you, He’s got you! 💛 ~ Chelle, #f8ithgal

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