In His Presence

This morning’s prayer time was powerful as God just poured His Spirit out over me. I have been praying for a boldness to speak what the Lord gives me. He spoke so clearly this morning and impressed it on my heart to write what He’d given me. This evening I am still in awe at abuts presence.

Clear vision daughter, I’m giving you clear vision. Listen closely. The heart (of man) clouds, I provide clarity. Listen. I’m healing you daughter. This isn’t an instant process. Roots are being dug up. Years of pain are being unraveled. This requires daily drenching in my fountain of love, prayer, and Word. I am awakening Me within you for your destiny to come alive. You can’t just get your feet wet, drenched in my love and what I have for you. Drenched in ALL things ME. ME ME ME. I’m going to fill in the pages of those journals quickly with My words from the drenching in My Spirit!

I’m excited to see what my Father does in the days and months ahead as I draw closer to Him. I’m going to do just as my father said in the following weeks and drench myself in His Word, prayer, and His presence. I can’t get just get my toes wet, I’ve got to go all in! 💛 ~ Chelle, #f8ithgal

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