Names of God: Di Ou Ta Panta

Di Ou Ta Panta is My Everything. God wants to be our everything, not just the God we turn to when there is a crisis in our lives. We wants a personal relationship where we take everything to Him, we share everything with Him. The devils biggest tactic is to fill our lives with so much busyness that we lose contact with the very one who is sustaining us. Every single thing we have, every single thing we do comes from the provision of our father. Di Ou Ta Panta is my Everything. I couldn’t make it a day without Him. He sustains me, He guides me, He lifts my head when I’ve slipped and grabs my hand. I need His guidance just as much in my winning season as my dry season because that enemy is relentless. He has to come first. He reminded me of that this last week and anyone that doesn’t get that just has to be cleared out of the way. The person God has for me has to be completely sold out for God or our spirits are just going to collide. God is my everything and that is a value in me that should be cherished. 💛 ~ Chelle, #f8ithgal

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