Names of God: El Shamayim

El Shamayim is The God of Heaven. I sat in God’s presence and praised and worshiped His name as I reflected on El Shamayim. He surrounds us. All weekend I’ve smelled sickness and death, at one point this morning my heart was completely flooded and tears began to overflow down my cheeks. I read post after post of death and sickness and my spirit wept as the smell lingered. Then I read of name El Shamayim and I was reminded that the God of Heaven is in control and Jesus defeated death on the cross. He has a master plan that the devil can’t defeat and our lives are in His hands. If He allows someone to be taken there is a bigger picture we can’t see. It doesn’t make it any easier, but we can lean into Him for that comfort that surpasses all understanding. El Shamayim still sits high, surrounding us, watching over us, and greeting those we’ve lost too soon. We need to prepare the ones that are left because the devil is still raging, seeking whom he can devour. There is work left to do, souls left to save. Keep God’s light shining bright to lead those in the darkness to Christ. ❤️ ~ Chelle, #f8ithgal

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