Nourishment for Your Soul and Mind: May 31, 2022

Jesus help us. In what way are we walking? As individuals many of us are walking in His ways, but as a society too many are walking to the right and to the left. The result is what you see all around us. You tell me, is it good? You cannot follow God in some things and not others and expect satisfactory results. He is an all or nothing God. He wants all of your heart. You can’t partly get to heaven. On judgement day you won’t be able to say well I did some good deeds, they should outweigh the bad. He’s going to say depart from Me… He desires to have your heart now and He is so full of grace and mercy I just can’t understand not fully submitting to Him. It grieves my heart so much when I see people who He is calling fight it. The devil is a master manipulator, indeed the father of lies and so many are blinded by the things he sets before them. Their demons have such a stronghold and it causes them to hurt the ones they hold dearest. In these last days it is so important to do a heart a check. What road are you walking? Is God urging to move from the right or the left onto His road? Today is a good day to get centered. Are you not sure what He’s calling you to do or don’t know how? Email me and I’ll pray with you! He’s calling you because He loves you, yes, YOU and He wants you centered on right the way, His way, and He will lead you every step of the way if you let Him and walk with Him. 💛 ~ Chelle, #f8ithgal

“And thine ears shall hear a word behind thee, saying, This is the way, walk ye in it, when ye turn to the right hand, and when ye turn to the left.” ~ Isaiah 30:21

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