Nourishment for Your Soul and Mind: May 14, 2022

I’ve had some pretty rough days, but God is so faithful and once again He placed today’s passage before me as a reminder that He will complete what He’s started, He will perfect that good work that is within me. Oh how my heart needed that. The enemy knows where to attack and he will bombard our mind in those areas, but God! He is so faithful to help us overcome those attacks. This too shall pass and I will come out stronger in Christ through it! You will too my friends, we just need to keep pressing toward Christ. 💛 ~ Chelle, #f8ithgal

“20 Now the God of peace, that brought again from the dead our Lord Jesus, that great shepherd of the sheep, through the blood of the everlasting covenant, 21 Make you perfect in every good work to do his will, working in you that which is wellpleasing in his sight, through Jesus Christ; to whom [be] glory for ever and ever. Amen.” ~ Hebrews 13:20-21

Nourishment for Your Soul and Mind: May 13, 2022

Glory to Jesus , oh how He knew how much I needed this verse tonight! My Father WILL perfect that which concerns me! He is perfecting the work in me that He has started! All of the warfare I am experiencing is a direct result of what God has on the inside of me for His Kingdom and the devil is running scared! Are you under attack? The Lord will perfect that which concerneth you! Keep pressing into Him my friends. The Lord who endures forever will perfect that which He started in you! 💛 ~ Chelle, #f8ithgal

“The Lord will perfect that which concerneth me: thy mercy, O Lord, endureth for ever: forsake not the works of thine own hands.” ~ Psalm 138:8

Nourishment for Your Soul and Mind: May 12, 2022

Revive me oh Lord! I felt this verse as I read it this morning. To revive is to restore to consciousness or life; to restore from a depressed, inactive, or unused state : bring back; to renew in the mind or memory. When we are walking in the midst of trouble, things can start to get cloudy. We can start to forget the things our Lord promised. The enemy is good at causing many to lose hope. But God! He revives, restores, renews! He stretches forth His hand against the enemy and His right hand scoops us up and says you are mine as He saves us! Are you walking in the midst of trouble today? Look up! Allow the refreshing waters of the Holy Spirit to wash over you and revive your inner man. Ask your Father to remind you of YOUR why and to give you His wisdom to weather this storm. He will answer and revive you with strength and wisdom for your journey. He loves us and it’s just what a loving Father does! 💛 ~ Chelle, #f8ithgal

“Though I walk in the midst of trouble, thou wilt revive me: thou shalt stretch forth thine hand against the wrath of mine enemies, and thy right hand shall save me.” ~ Psalm 138:7

Nourishment for Your Soul and Mind: May 11, 2022

“Do not cease to pray for you…” Could you imagine praying for others without ceasing or having others pray for you with that determination? That is what we are called to do, lift each other up in prayer. That prayer may just be the prayer that lifts someone through the day! “… to desire that ye might be filled with the knowledge of his will in all wisdom and spiritual understanding.” What an awesome thing to pray for! We all need that wisdom and spiritual understanding in our lives and we are all facing things that we need covered in prayer on. Let’s all lift each other up, that is the greatest show of love there is! Prayers can move mountains, let’s start moving them for each other!! 💛 ~ Chelle, #f8ithgal

“For this cause we also, since the day we heard it, do not cease to pray for you, and to desire that ye might be filled with the knowledge of his will in all wisdom and spiritual understanding;” ~ Colossians 1:9

Nourishment for Your Soul and Mind: May 10, 2022

“Herein is love, not that we loved God, but that He loved us…” He loved us so much that He sent His son for the propitiation or atonement for our sins. He covered us with His very blood, what greater love is this?! He loved us when we didn’t even love ourselves. He forgave us when we didn’t even deserve it. Oh what love He has for you and I! If He loves us that much, how much more love could we show those around us? Imagine a world if we all loved with the love of Christ. It starts with the person looking in the mirror. We can’t stop hate, but we can fight it one person at a time by spreading the love of God to each person we meet. Allow them to see the Jesus in you. Allow them to see Him much so that they want Him too! 💛 ~ Chelle, #f8ithgal

“Herein is love, not that we loved God, but that he loved us, and sent his Son to be the propitiation for our sins.” 1 John 4:10

Nourishment for Your Soul and Mind: May 9, 2022

How many of you have read the Bible? Do you realize the miracles, signs, and wonders done throughout it can still be done today?! We only need to walk in faith and move in the authority of Jesus. We can call things as done and they will be done. Heal the sick, cast out devils. We’ve been given that power and authority, too little of us are walking in it! God is calling an Army of warriors for such a time as this, an army that believes and is equipped for the evil of this world and to pull more to His light. Is He calling you? I praise the Lord and exalt His holy name. It is a blessing to serve in the Army of my Father! 💛~ Chelle

“O Lord, thou art my God; I will exalt thee, I will praise thy name; for thou hast done wonderful things; thy counsels of old are faithfulness and truth.” ~ Isaiah 25:1

Nourishment for Your Soul and Mind: May 8, 2022

Jesus, who knew no sin, became sin so that we could live through Him. Wow what love! Who would not what that kind of love in their life?! He’s always thinking about you, yes YOU! We are made the righteousness through the work at the cross. His blood, redeemed and set free, that just deserves a praise shout! 💛 ~ Chelle, #f8ithgal

“For he hath made him to be sin for us, who knew no sin; that we might be made the righteousness of God in him.” 2 Corinthians 5:21

Nourishment for Your Soul and Mind: May 7, 2022

That renewing of your mind is serious business. The enemy attacks our mind hard. He knows our weaknesses and just where and when to talk. Staying prayed up and read up plays an essential part in the renewing of our mind and refreshing of our spirit. We can’t skimp on these things and expect to withstand the blows of the enemy. Oh Poppa, create in me a clean heart and renew a right spirit within me! It’s a battleground out there, equipping ourselves with the armor our Father has given us must be done daily! The enemy is looking for any weakness in our armor, any place to launch an attack. Be ready and shoot him down from the start! 💛 ~ Chelle, #f8ithgal

“Create in me a clean heart, O God; and renew a right spirit within me.” ~ Psalm 51:10

Nourishment for Your Soul and Mind: May 6, 2022

“… for the joy of the Lord is your strength.” Last night in our Bootcamp Deliverance teaching one of the things the man of God Torace Solomon taught on was joy. Joy is a state of being and decision. It is one of the areas the enemy is going to target. He reminded us that our joy is our fuel and the enemy is going to hit it hard because he knows the danger of a believer filled with joy to his operations. Joy is contagious. People see it in you and they want what you have. It bubbles up from the Holy Spirit within you. Your very countenance changes when you have the joy of the Lord, you wear it as if putting on a garment and it draws people to the Jesus within you! Your joy, Nehemiah 8:10 tells us, is your strength! What do you do when you feel the enemy attacking your joy? Go harder for God. Lift your voice in praise. Even if you don’t feel like it, praise Him. If it begins as a whisper, keep praising Him until you feel that atmosphere shift and your joy start to revive. You pray and you fight back with scripture just as Jesus did on the Mount! You decide not to allow the enemy to steal your joy. If you are reading this and the enemy has already stolen your joy, take it back! Tell him he is a liar and the joy of the Lord is your strength according to Nehemiah 8:10, joy kept Jesus in the cross according to Hebrews 12:2 and joy is your portion, Isaiah 61:7. Claim it, speak it, protect it, and fight the enemy for it! The joy of the Lord is your strength! 💛 ~ Chelle, #f8ithgal

“Then he said unto them, Go your way, eat the fat, and drink the sweet, and send portions unto them for whom nothing is prepared: for this day is holy unto our Lord: neither be ye sorry; for the joy of the Lord is your strength.” Nehemiah 8:10

Nourishment for Your Soul and Mind: May 5, 2022

The Lord corrects who He loves because He is a good, good Father. Today’s verse says in His favor is life! His favor shines upon you child of God! I have had a difficult few days. My mouth is still very swollen from a biopsy I had and it just seemed like the enemy was hitting me from every angle. My inner man felt as beat up and bruised as my lip. I cried out to my Poppa and He responded in the midst of my upheaval, I see you. I feel into your heart. Weeping endureth but for a night but joy cometh in the morning. You will not weep forever and your joy will come just as I the Lord your God has promised. I have my Father’s heart, so I feel every little thing. The enemy tries to use this against me, but as I seek my Father He fills me with His wisdom. Are you at a place of weeping? Child of God, your joy is coming back. Speak life into that situation and don’t forget the promises of your Father. You my friend have His favor resting on you. Weeping may endure for this brief snapshot in time, but your joy is coming in the next frame. Trust Him! 💛 ~ Chelle, #f8ithgal

“For his anger endureth but a moment; in his favour is life: weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning.” ~ Psalm 30:5